CANactions Festival Architours
    The main CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018 events will take place in the most significant, most fragile and most beautiful spots of Kiyv.

    – From Lavra to the Podil and the Riverpor;
    – Along the Great Dnipro River by the way of our beautiful Edge;
    – That like a necklace assembled the most precious pearls of the Great City.

    ■ Association
    ■ Communication
    ■ Union
    ■ Relation
    ■ Linking
    – This is what WE LACK today.

    We need a COMMON cause…

    This year, the best architects and urbanists of the world have united, to GO along this way WITH US:
    ■ Jan Gehl / Gehl - Making Cities for People
    ■ Harry Piplas / ETH Zürich, U-TT
    ■ Markus Appenzeller / MLA+
    ■ Matthias Rammig / Transsolar
    ■ Ken Smith / Ken Smith Workshop
    and others.

    Co-organizers of this year Festival are:
    London Festival of Architecture
    Copenhagen Architecture Festival
    URBAN FORUM Almaty
    New Generations
    Architecture Fringe

    Want to change the city –

    Here and now!

    We are gathering at 9.45am at the Friendship of Nations Monument and finishing at 13:00 in the Lavra Gallery.

    The first day – we go down the river.
    The second – go upstream.

    CAN – ACT!

    Admission by registration:
    Come join us:

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